• MDA4802

MagCore® EDA Automatic Extraction and Smart PCR Setup

NA Extraction and PCR Set-up

MagCore® EDA system is new generation instrument for nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup pre-treatment.
MagCore® EDA can process up to 48 samples and a built-in spectrophotometer which makes it a complete solution to increase laboratory efficiency and simplify the workflow.
Users can benefit from automatic purification, OD values retrieval, high NA concentration in final elute and compatibility with LIMS.
Using MagCore extraction kits, MagCore® EDA offers consistent, reliable DNA or RNA extraction in 30–120 minutes, depending on the sample type.

MagCore® EDA Automatic Extraction and Smart PCR Setup



Worldwide Patented Magnetic Beads

Cellulose-coated magnetic beads, coupled with our patented binding and separation technology,
guarantee high quality extracts.

UV Decontamination

The equipped UV lamp minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and ensures user and product safety.

HEPA Decontamination

HEPA system is installed in the PCR set up zone to eliminate contamination and ensure the purity of the samples.

Throughput up to 48 samples

From cartridge piercing to final elute, all steps are performed by the instrument, that allows running 1-48 samples.
The instrument processed samples in batches of 24 at a time and has run setting for 24/48 sample to be processed at once,
for time saving and flexible performance.

Ideal for both DNA/RNA extraction

Built-in protocols are created for extracting nucleic acids from a wide range of samples,
including whole blood, plasma (circulating free nucleic acid), tissue, bacteria, virus, plant and forensic.

Automatic Optical Measurements of OD Values

Built-in spectrophotometer and our optical module provide users the option to automatically measure OD values
and concentration of final eluates upon completion of the nucleic acid extraction process.

Automatic Barcode Scanning

Barcode reading of primary tube simplifies the tracking of the samples and ensures traceability.

Smart PCR setup

The system has 10 SBS positions, the option of keeping premixes cool,
the option of using 0.1- and 0.2-ml standard tubes, along with customized tubes from other PCR suppliers.


Cat.No. : MDA4802


Storage And Stability : Store at Room Temperature

Packing : 1 pcs / set

Model EDA
System Method Cellulose coated magnetic beads
System Components Pipetting Unit: dispensing, transferring, 2 X-Y axis model
Electric Control: PLC model and Arm-based main board embedded in
UV Light: power 8W, life duration 11,000hrs
Contamination Prevention: HEPA filtration, Pipette tips with filter
Heating Block: RT-95°C
Nucleic Acid Concentration Detection Source: D2 lamp
Wavelength Detection: 230nm, 260nm, 280nm
Liquid detection sensor : PCR setup Zone
Automatic Barcode Scanning: Primary tube
Accessories: T-rack, Cartridge racks, trash drawer,
96-well PCR plate rack, 32-well 1.5ml tube rack
Thermoelectric Cooler 4~10°C
Stand (optional)
Power Supply Voltage: AC 200-240V; Frequency: 50/60Hz
Dimension W1240*D920*H830 (mm) / W48.81 x D36.22 x H32.67(inches)
Dimension (with stand) W1240*D920*H1580 (mm) / W48.81 x D36.22 x H62.2(inches)
Net Weight 335 Kg / 739 lbs
Net Weight (with stand) 460 Kg / 1,014 lbs

Operating Parameters

Processing Capacity 1-48 samples (in batches of 24)
Processing Time 30-120minutes (depends on sample type)
Sample Volume 200/400/1200/4000 µl (application dependent)
Elution Volume 30/40/60/100/150/200 µl (application dependent)
Yield 200μl whole blood (average 6µg gDNA);
400μl whole blood (average 12µg gDNA)
Purity DNA: O.D A260/A280 ratio 1.8±0.1;
RNA: O.D A260/A280 ratio 2.0±0.2
Pipetting Accuracy Extraction Zone: 40µl <5%; 60µl <2%; 100-900µl <1.5%;
PCR setup Zone: CV<1%, 5~50µl; CV<5%, 2~5µl; CV<10%, 1µl

Operating Environment

Temperatures allowed uring transportation, storage, and packaging 15°C-35°C
Temperatures allowed during operation 18°C-30°C
Pollution Degree Level 2